Wedding planning - Styling decisions

Many engaged couples have an idea of their perfect wedding and this often guides their style decisions. But when there are so many possibilities out there it can sometimes be overwhelming. If you haven’t yet thought about the style of your wedding, don’t worry. Getting some ideas together quite early in the planning stage will help you to choose the venue, type of photographer and of course the dress and wedding attire, along with everything else to turn your dream into a reality.

Think about what you have dreamt your day would look like and how you would like to feel during the day. Write down some thoughts and ideas around these. Creating a mood board is a really useful way to organise these ideas for colours, fabrics, dresses, venue choices, types of photography etc. and will help you get a clearer image of what you have in mind. Showing your mood board to designers and suppliers is the perfect way of getting your ideas across and will enable them to advise you.

Once you have gathered all your ideas together decide what elements of the day are most important to you and whether they stay on the list. This will help make sure that you stick to your budget.

When it comes to the actual styling of the venue, it is worth thinking about who you will be inviting and what they might need during the course of the day to help them enjoy it and be comfortable. This might include your younger guests and providing something to keep them entertained. If you are thinking about using a wedding stylist, we recommend you book this as soon as possible to save your date.

For your wedding signage, although you might not be able to finalise the guests’ names on your seating plan until nearer the time, it is best to get this booked in during the last three months before your wedding day. This gives designers and printers plenty of time to create designs and make any amendments before your signs are printed and delivered. At busier times of the year, it is especially important to make sure that you have at least contacted suppliers to make sure they have you booked in.

Good luck!

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