Scent your wedding

When the first day of sunshine arrives and you spray sun cream on your body, it often evokes happy memories of your holiday the year before. Smell plays such an important part in our five senses and using scent to transport us back to a particular time is a wonderful way to remind us of that special occasion.

While planning your wedding day, play on your guests' senses as well as their emotions by creating a fragrance that helps to trigger happy memories reminding them of your day in years to come.

Where you should start with creating a scented wedding

Scented weddings are becoming more popular and there are so many ways to get beautiful fragrances into your wedding day. When creating scents, it is best to start with your flowers as these are one of the focal elements of your wedding design. Your florist will be able to advise you on the best combination of fragranced flowers.

Subtlety is key when creating the perfect fragrance, match scented candles, diffusers, wax melts or mist sprays with the fragrance of your flowers for a beautiful mix that is not overpowering.

Create a bespoke scent just for you

Bespoke scents are becoming more and more popular and many couples are creating unique fragrances that reflect them and the atmosphere they want for their special day. Different scents create different moods for example lavender is calming whilst citrus is uplifting and awakens you but the possibilities are endless.

Whether you are burning scents during the ceremony or have subtle fragrance on your tables, your chosen fragrance will add a sense of glamour and luxury to the room.

Personalised candles are a luxurious wedding favour

Offering candles as wedding favours is an elegant gift for your guests. You can give them the actual scent used or match it to the one you have chosen. There are many personalised candle options available.

Give your bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom and any other special members of your wedding party one of your bespoke candles or scents to remind them of the day.

And finally, when you have a date night, special occasion or you celebrate your anniversary, burn one of those candles, buy the same flowers you have for your wedding or spray your room with the fragrance you chose to remind yourselves of your very special wedding day.

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