On Trend in 2020 - Sustainable weddings

Sustainable weddings

With the conversations around sustainability becoming louder many people are considering the effect their wedding may have on the environment. Princess Eugenie, who married last year, announced that she would be having a plastic free wedding.

You can get really inventive and so creative with ways that you can reduce plastic and your carbon footprint when organising your wedding. Sending invitations made entirely of recycled materials or perhaps invest in invitations made from biodegradable paper infused with wildflower seeds that your guests can plant in their own gardens.

Holding your ceremony and reception in one place means your guests won’t need to travel between venues, cutting back on emissions. Sourcing locally grown flowers that are planted rather than cut, can be given to guests as wedding favours and planted in the garden. These plants will also provide a beautiful eco-backdrop to your design.

Continuing the theme of locally sourced - using local in season vegetables or you could even opt for a plant-based menu. Using local food suppliers will not only help the local economy but also reduce your carbon footprint.

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