On Trend in 2020 - Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings with greenery and natural colours

When thinking about an outdoor wedding it conjures up images of a lovely warm day with dappled sunlight falling onto the tables while the bride would look beautiful in lace with a handmade floral headpiece.

However, in this country the reality might be quite different!

Planning an alfresco wedding can involve much more legwork than a typical wedding venue. And the possibilities are endless. From choosing the right location; whether you will have a marquee or go for a giant tipi that are so popular just now and what type of food you will serve to your guests as well as remembering to think about what type of lighting, flooring and the all-important ‘restrooms’. This is on top of the unpredictable weather that we have in the UK!

If you have your hearts set on a beautiful outdoor wedding don’t let the weather discourage you. There are so many fantastic wedding suppliers that specialise in outdoor events and they will have invaluable advice and expertise to guide you. You might even choose to have a wedding co-ordinator to help take some of the stress out of planning your day. Plus, as outdoor weddings become ever-more popular many venues are beginning to create beautiful and inventive outdoor spaces. Consider those that can cater for all weather eventualities whilst still maintaining that outdoor experience you envisage for your perfect wedding day.

And remember, even if you are not blessed with a sunny day in the end, you will still have the most perfect of days.

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