How to choose designs for your wedding signage

Wedding signage may seem like a last-minute detail, but you want to make sure all of your wedding day details are just right. Your wedding signs offer your guests a taste of what to expect during the day and a chance for you to really set the tone for your day in style!

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When deciding on the design for your welcome sign and seating plan, you might already have something in mind but if not, where do you start? We often get couples who need signs to welcome and guide their wedding guests but don't know what design to choose. If this is you then these are our handy hints and tips:

  • What is the theme for your wedding? This is perhaps the main starting point when thinking about signage designs. Although not essential, a wedding theme is more than just about looks or current trend but a reflection of your personality as a couple. It also pulls together all the elements of your wedding, from the type of venue booked to the smallest decoration detail.

  • Think about your own style and personalities and how you can incorporated this into your day - Are you elegant and sophisticated or romantic and whimsical? Or perhaps you are casual and laid-back, maybe even a little quirky! What is the vision you have for your wedding day?

  • Your hobbies and interests are also a great place to start when choosing the finer detail for your wedding. Maybe you've been bitten by the travelbug, you're all about superheroes, you're football fanatics or perhaps are both book worms. You can incorporate your passions into your day and make it totally unique.

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  • What season are you getting married? This might influence your choice of colours and style. Spring evokes thoughts of new life, of yellows, greens and shades of purple. A summer wedding might have a colourful, outdoor festival vibe. The vivid autumn colours make an eye-catching display, not to mention the opportunity for an awesome Hallowe'en theme. While winter might incorporate cool blue, white and silver, a combination of black, gold and cream will definitely add a sense of elegance and luxury.

  • Incorporate the flowers from your bouquet into your designs. Your wedding florist will guide you on the flowers than are in season, have a beautiful fragrance and work well together to form the structure of your floral displays. Playing a significant role in your wedding decor, your flowers make a perfect focus for the design of your signage.

We have our house collections that you can choose from but we also offer a bespoke design service to create signage that is unique to your wedding. You know yourselves better than anyone, so have fun introducing personal details into your wedding decor. It’s details like these that make your wedding that little bit different and won’t go unnoticed.

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